October 08, 2015

Moving to VPS

For last year I was tinkering on dedicated server from Kimsufi. OVH offers good quality machine in decent price. Rented server had Intel Atom N2800 which of course resulted in many restrictions because Atom’s efficiency. Very slow compilation was the most perceptible. Compilation of ruby’s gems or kernel was taking ages.

Possibility of running own services makes me run almost everything I could. It started with own mail server. Some time later my server was running among others postfix with dovecot, ejabberd later prosody, openvpn, owncloud, postfixadmin, roundcube, znc, gitlab. Administration taught me a lot, I could gain extra knowledge of linux and learn about a lot useful unix tools which is pretty good on a very long path to became fullstack developer :)

One of the most interesting part was managing services into Linux Containers. Its great for separation. Sometimes its easier to test something on desktop using lxc instead of using virtualbox or kvm. On the other hand we got docker, but it is good to know what is inside docker.

I decided to get rid of dedicated server and get back to VPS. To my mind the biggest advantage of VPS is flexibility and this is what I needed. I got what I want in few seconds and I am able to run smoothly everything I want.