July 24, 2015

Hello World! Again

Another initial post, It’s not a first time when I start blogging, but now I will try to post regularly as much as I can. I want to write about my projects, it helps me to get motivated to finish them. I had bad habits to not lead to end of started things. I will also post about encountered problems and naturally about fun with linux.

I hope I would have time to start posts series about Project Euler.

I can’t resist not having a blog because of Jekyll, it’s just a great tool. It has everything what I need like syntax highlighter or git deployment. It’s easy to customize, there are a lot useful gems as if Jekyll is written in ruby. The main difference from popular blogging possibilities is that Jekyll generates pure static website.


  • you do not have to bother too much with vhost config, it’s simple static website
  • various deployment methods, you can deploy your blog for many ways, I prefer git hook
  • fast

Advantage about deployment method is very subjective.

It might be strange to start with Jekyll because it is not another CMS like WordPress, but instead you are able to crate something cool from scratches.